Hi, my name is Galen and I build
digital products and startups

People I've worked with say...

Matt Barba

Co-Founder / CEO, Placester

Galen played an important role as an early member of Placester team. He headed up site development of front-end code for thousands of real estate sites around the country, including very high profile ones. He takes pride in his work and proved that he knows how to grind through tough problems.

Frederick Townes

Co-Founder / CTO, Placester
Founding CTO, Mashable

I worked with Galen for years. One thing that stands out is his thoughtfulness in decision making around tradeoffs / consequences in the product development process. Galen has demonstrated a palpable passion to craft value into product user experiences.

Brennan Dunn

Founder / CEO, Planscope
Founder / CEO, We Are Titans

I've worked with a lot of people, and Galen's one of those rare breeds that can be given a problem and solves it without needing to be hand held to a solution. Additionally, the quality of his work is amazing. It's obvious he cares about what he's doing, and spends the time needed to do things the right way — all the while remaining pragmatic toward timelines and budgets, and avoiding the rabbit holes that too many developers fall in to.

And here are some other things I've done...